Congkak is a traditional game of Malay origin played in Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei, Southern Thailand and some parts of Sumatra and Borneo. Congkak is a game that is played by two players who put marbles or stones as tokens into the seven holes in each of two rows. Congkak boards are often made of teak or mahogany wood  which is normally carved into the shape of naga (dragon) or bird. Congkak also can be played by digging 7 holes into the ground and this more practical technique is used by the older communities of Malaysia to play the game. Have a great experience playing congkak with friends and host family in your homestay.

Wau, which originates from Kelantan is a type of giant kite that normally are in the shape of moon with floral or animal motifs. Wau kites are flown in Malaysia as a pastime game. Magnificient in size and design, the wau is a symbol of the artistic and distictive talents of Malaysia and you will see a variety of colours and various shapes of wau here in Malaysia.Participate in the Wau Festival during windy season in December and January each year. Stay in a Malaysian Homestay and enjoy this game.

Gasing (top spinning) is one of the oldest pastime games in Malaysia. It comes in various colors and patterns carved on it and it is played by a player coiling up a thread at the bottom of the top. Players will then throw the top on the ground. Exciting and enjoyable, this game will bond the relationship between family and friends as everyone gathers around to see which top spins the longest. Homestay villages situated in Kelantan and Terengganu are good place to stay as most of their people play this game

Batu Seremban is a famous pastime game in Malaysia. This game can be played by many people. They usually can make a circle and everyone will take turns to play the game. The equipment that is used in this game are either five or seven stones. The stone can be replaced by marbles or a small sack containing sand. This traditional game is usually played at the villages. Players have to toss all the tokens on one side of their hand to the other side of the same hand. If any stone falls from the hand and onto the ground, the player looses. This fun game can be enjoyed during your stay at Malaysian Homestays.

Tarik Upih is one of the traditional games in Malaysia. Most of the time, Tarik Upih will be played at the villages near to a beach. Upih refers to the coconut fronds that are used in this game. One person will sit on the fronds and another will drag the fronds and teams of these players race. This fun activity is always played in carnivals. Besides that, that, the areca (pinang) fronds also can be used in this games. These fronds are used because they have a strong structure that can support the human weight.