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Homestay Kampung Kemunchup Machang


Tomoi (kick-boxing) is a popular sport in Kelantan. The participants clench their fists tightly as they face each other, ready to spar. The music beats frantically to accompy its sparring, as the boys kick each other with force. The crowd continues to cheer on, as the players are in a trance-like focus on beating their opponent. Their coach watches carefully nearby, to make sure that the players follow the rules. It is a popular sport and players are known to represent the country at an international level.

Another zealously guarded, yet important martial arts is silat, the traditional self-defence practised in Kelantan. Catch a glimpse of this art performed by hosts in the homestay. The local culture here is very much alive, and tourists seeking to look for culture in Kelantan, will be delighted with the age-old traditions that are still practised. The cradle of Malay culture, Kelantan is a gem waiting to be discovered. Catch a glimpse of this, and much more while experiencing the true Malay hospitality in Kelantan homestay!


  • Play traditional games
  • Gasing (top-spinning)
  • Congkak (mancala game of Malay origin)
  • Welcome reception with Tomoi (traditional sport)
  • Learn traditional martial arts


Encik Mohd Nawai Bin Shayal

Tel: +6010-919 1075 / 014-212 8889 / 09-976 5425.

Last Updated: 15-May-2013 10:05 AM


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