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Homestay Jelawang


Located 45 km from Gua Musang, Homestay Jelawang is just a few minutes away from one of the tallest waterfalls in Malaysia, the Telagah Tujuh –or 'seven wells waterfall' in the Stong Mountains. Having the Stong Mountains as one’s own backyard is truly a refreshing experience. The cooling mountain air wanders slowly to the village, and there is so much more to explore for mountaineers.

There are many interesting activities here that captures the essence of the place, catching fish at Kelantan River, climbing Mount Stong , try a hand at rubber tapping, jungle trekking and visiting the fruit orchard when in season. Also the delicious cooking by the villagers; spicy laksa, delicious pengat pisang and cooling coconut water. Warm and friendly hospitality, wake up to the greatest sunset over the mountain tops with the call of the morning rooster. Offering a glimpse into a colourful Malay homestay experience, away from the hustle and bustle of city life.


  • Performing Silat (a traditional form of martial art) with villagers
  • Cultural Shows
  • Play Traditional Games such as Wau Bulan (giant kite) and Gasing (top-spinning)


Mr. Mohd Fauzai Bin Mohd Noor

Tel: 09-936 2698 / 019-929 2876.

Tags: Cultural

Last Updated: 15-May-2013 10:05 AM


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