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Homestay Bukit Jering


The Bukit Jering Homestay was opened on January 2005 and had started to gain the attention of visitors especially students from public and private institutions of higher learning as well as schools from around Jeli, Gua Musang, Tanah Merah and Tumpat.

Usually climbers who love to climb Gunung Stong will come to this homestay due to its extraordinary sight at the top of the mountain. It is normal for those heading towards the mountain to pass through Kampung Bukit Jering. Thus, they will usually stay at the Homestay before proceeding to their destination.

In order to make the visitors feel comfortable, the homestay owner will create a special programme for them such as Dikir Barat, nasyid, marhaban, and telematch programmes like lawn bowl, children's' games and others.


  • Mountain climbing at Musang Cave
  • Enjoy local made cake
  • Play traditional games such as congkak (malay mancala game), Wau Bulan (giant kite) and Gasing(top-spinning)
  • See Malay cultural performances such as wayang kulit (shadow puppet play)


Mr. Mohd Pauzi bin Muhammad

Tel: +6019-906 1911

Address: Homestay Bukit Jering, Jeli, Sekolah Kebangsaan Bukit Jering, Kelantan.

Last Updated: 14-May-2013 05:05 PM


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