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Homestay Kampung Dagat


Kampung Dagat is located in the parishes of the Litang sub-district and is one of 8 parishes in the State Legislative Assembly (DUN) N48 Sukau, Kinabatangan. Mukim Litang is divided into five villages, namely: Litang Kg, Kg Sri Ganda, Tundun Bohangin PO Kg, Kg Tidong, and Kg Dagat. Two villages namely Kg Sri Ganda and Tudan Bohangin PO are located in the lower Kinabatangan coastal villages and Kg. Litang, Kg and Kg Dagat Tidong are located in Sg Segama.

Ihabitated by various tribes and ethnic Kinabatangan, it can be reached by road from the town Sandakan and Lahad Datu through Jeroco Street and road network of oil palm plantations as far as more than 250 km with a 4-wheel drive vehicle in between 2 hours and 4 hours of driving. It is also connected by the Sukau highway and Kinabatangan river by ferry ride, by stopping at Jalan Jeroco.

All villages and parishes in the Litang sub-district can reach the town Sandakan in about 1 to 2 hours by speedboat. An economic resource that the majority of fishermen depend on is the fish, as well as other commercial agricultural activities such as oil palm cultivation which have began to take place as a major economic source of income for the population.


  • Watch wildlife such as the Borneo pygmy elephant, Proboscis monkey and the Orangutan.


Mr. Sufian

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Address: Tomanggong, P.O.Box 1209 90009 Sandakan, Sabah

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