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Homestay Telok Melano/ Telok Serabang


Kampung Telok Melano Homestay is located about 90km from Lundu Town and 150km from Kuching City. In fact, the village is situated next to Telok Serabang, on the Southern tip of Sarawak.

Stunning scenery, fascinating flora and fauna, and tempting stretches of white sandy beaches that attracts everyone to take a dip in the warm, blue ocean waters. Sarawak's most mesmerizing beaches, unique features of coral shore and a haven for tropical fish are found here.There is no trace of pollution. It is virtually unspoiled and untouchable. Come on and experience a memorable stay with welcoming hosts along with nature at its best!

With miles of white sandy beaches and crystal clear blue waters, Telok Melano is heaven for the 3S (sand,sun and sea) worshipers. Ten homestays with 14 furnished bedrooms are here to welcome you.


  • Snorkeling or diving
  • Swimming
  • Beach walk or trekking
  • Birds watching
  • See the unique flora and fauna at nearby 'Tanjung Datu National Park'


Mdm Affidah

Tel: +6010-982 1506 / +082-711 152

Fax: +6082-711 152

Address: D/A Persatuan Nelayan Kawasan Sematan/Lundu Kampung Tanah Hitam Peti Surat 16, 94507 Lundu, Sarawak.

Last Updated: 04-Jul-2013 04:07 PM


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