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Homestay Sungai Setar


The Sungai Setar Homestay is located at the Southern Seberang Perai District of Penang. It lies in the middle of the 3 states; Penang, Kedah and Perak hence it only takes 15 minutes to get to either of these states from here. The name Setar derives from the name of the trees that grow in abundance around the village. There are 30 houses in Sungai Setar that participate in the homestay program.

Your stay at Sungai Setar will expose you to an array of very interesting activities. Visitors will get the chance to visit the small enterprises that are involved in the production of the local foods such as yellow noodles and coffee. Visitors can also visit the factory and witness the production of the yellow noodles and coffee there. You might even take the freshly made coffee for your loved ones back home.

Another popular activity that you'll enjoy is the making of traditional cakes and cookies. Visitors will see a group of women busy making delicacies such as coconut candies, lentils and peanuts, Tempeyek Ikan Bilis (a type of fish) and also local cookies known as Kuih Buah Rotan and Cakar Ayam. These foods are produced and packed locally. These snacks will be another great souvenir for those with a sweet tooth.

While exploring Sungai Setar, you will meet an experienced fisherman who is an expert in making various fishing nets for different type of catches such as prawns, crabs and catfish. Indeed an interesting sight of amazing talent!

Another local economic activity is Attap-roof making. These roofs are made from coconut leaves which are collected within the villages. The core of the roof is made from bamboo. At Sungai Setar, some of the agricultural activities include paddy fields, banana and palm oil plantations. Many locals breed animals such as goats, sheep and cows. Visitors to Sungai Setar are also entertained with various cultural shows such as the colorful bungamanggar processions and the Kompang beat by young children. The shows are further enhanced with host of pretty damsels parading with the Bunga Telur and Sirih Junjung – two popular and significant paraphernalia in the Malay culture.


  • Making delicious food
  • Making atap roofs(dried leaves)
  • Cultural dance
  • Agricultural activity
  • Visit to noodle and coffee factory
  • Making traditional cakes and cookies


Ms Che Rashidah Binti Md Radzi

Tel: +6013-489 5636


Address: D/A 1495 Sungai SetarBesar 14310 NibongTebal, Pulau Pinang.

Last Updated: 21-Jun-2013 07:06 AM


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