Malaysia Homestay in Selangor


Homestay Sepintas


If you choose Sepintas Homestay as a holiday destination you will definitely return home with unforgettable and sweet experience. Shrimp fishing is an activity that must be tried. Imagine being served with your own fresh catch, this opportunity cannot be missed.

Boating and canoeing in the Sungai Bernam while enjoying the breathtaking beauty is one of the many things that makes Sepintas Homestay an excellent choice.

You might also be entertained by the Arabic and Malay music to pass time. In addition, the shadow play or Wayang Kulit, Kuda Kepang and Ulit Mayang will definitely give you a memorable experience while you are here.


  • Go for prawn catching
  • Observe the flora and fauna
  • Picnic at the cold water
  • BBQ
  • Visiting factories that produce varies crafts.


Hj. Mohd. Khamsani bin Hj. Bahrun

Tel: +6013-305 9154

Address: Batu 4, 45200 Sepintas, Sabak Bernam, Selangor.

Last Updated: 10-Jul-2013 12:07 PM


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